To receive a Credit Evaluation, a copy of your Reports & Scores from ALL 3 Bureaus is required. We do NOT accept Credit Karma, as the scores they provide have been found to be inaccurate.

Click here to obtain your Credit Reports and Scores for FREE* with NO impact to your credit. After registering, contact our office to provide your login information so we may upload your reports and contact you to discuss them in detail. We offer VERY affordable payment options. However, specific Fees and Time-Frames Vary and are based on your individual credit needs.

* Registering for the Credit Monitoring Service suggested above is optional and we have absolutely no association with Identity Guard. We only recommend their service because the credit scores they provide are generally very accurate. Again, we do NOT accept Credit Karma, as they do not provide reports from all 3 credit bureaus and the scores they provide have been found to be extremely inaccurate.

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After reviewing your Credit Reports, if we are not confident that our Program will be in your best interest,

​​we will be ​HONEST and not encourage you to sign up to help ensure you do not waste time or money.

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